How I gained 17k SUBSCRIBERS in a WEEK!? - From 700 subs to almost 20k GROWING FAST on YouTube 2021


Hey there! Today i'm gonna be talking about  something inspiring. Last Saturday I had 650 subscribers when I uploaded this video. Four hours later this video was performing unusually well for me and I reached 700 subscribers which was  insane at the time already. It was more views and watch time than ever before. It was just amazing. 
Today, 10 days after, my channel currently has 17898 subscribers.
This is insane. So if you're new on this channel my name is Armonie and if you're not already, make sure to subscribe  to this channel by clicking the button right here and turn on the bell so you don't miss any of  my next videos!
So today I want to talk about the insane story of how I gained 17k subscribers in  just one week or how I went from 700 subscribers up to almost 20k subscribers in a few days and what it's  like to grow fast on youtube in 2020 (or 2021).
So if you like this type of youtube growth stories, make yourself comfortable and keep on watching!
So to really understand where I'm coming from you need to understand that I started doing content for the internet since 2012. I know... yeah, it's a very long time.
So I started on Tumblr and then I transitioned into Instagram where I put all of my soul into improving my photography and video editing skills and filming skills too,  and all of that just in order to keep up with a schedule that I gave myself at the time... at the  time. Of sharing completely original and artistic photography and videos every two days on Instagram.
So on top of that I was running two other Instagram pages where I was trying to promote  stuff simultaneously and as regularly as possible (at that point). So one was my visual art page where I share my ink art my old paintings, sketches and all of that, and the other page was my independent clothing brand Anyixin (if you don't know about it) and that's where I shared about the clothing and the accessories that I created and sell on my website.
So as you can see it was a lot of things going on at the same time. All of which brought me to an inevitable burnout. So I actually shared a slight rant about that and the Instagram business subject in this video (if that's something that would  
interest you) but in the meantime, in 2018 I already felt the limits that instagram had because I had so many different interests and I didn't really like having three different pages on Instagram just in order to share all of my different interests.
Because of the way that instagram works, that's how I set it up but it wasn't viable and of  course I could see that I just didn't know how to get out of it. So back in August of 2018 I started  sharing videos on YouTube and my first video was a short time lapse of me doing rainbow box braids and that was fun. Later I started sharing my oil painting work in short time lapse again but of course I didn't really have a plan back then with youtube, and my video upload was very irregular.
But anyway, I kept sharing.
Here is a screenshot of my channel videos. As you  can see I shared only that one video in august of 2018, then I shared two videos in September, three videos in October, 0 in November, and then 2 public ones and 1 hidden one in December. I say hidden because some videos that you can't see on YouTube, I have to upload them on YouTube in  order to share them on my Patreon page. So they are  
actually unlisted so nobody can see them unless I share the link with them.
Then I'm back with 1 public video in January and lots of hidden ones for Patreon until April. Finally in April I shared 1 public video again. So I was very irregular  and I didn't know much about YouTube yet or SEO, or even video editing.
Then, in May, I had been living for about 5 years in China at that point and me and my fiancé with Rhythmical Thinker (that I met in China) decided to move back to Europe, where we are now. He is a rapper from the UK by the way and if you want to check out his new album that he's been working on lately it's right here on YouTube.
So yeah, we moved back to Europe from China and so that's when I started to refocus my work and I slowly started spending less time working for Instagram and more time working for YouTube. So I started learning about SEO, about  
keyword research and thumbnails, and basically all the things that you need to know when you're a YouTuber.
I also learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, which is now the only tool that  
I use to edit my videos. Then until September 2019 I was sharing more and more but still very irregularly. So I had no set day of the week or I kept changing set days of the week. Maybe I had 1 big break for like a month. So basically it wasn't organised and the cause was mainly that I was still very attached to Instagram.
Because at that point it was still very hard for me to let go of Instagram. I was very scared of losing everything  that I had built there. All the time that I had invested there felt very heavy on my heart and I really didn't want it to have it have been for nothing. But then, starting from October 2019 up to now, so November 2020, I had a new schedule of 1 video a week on YouTube. And so, doing that, I  also started sharing way less on Instagram which lifted a big weight off me anyway.
And here we are! So obviously it was a great decision!
So now. How did I grow so fast and so suddenly on YouTube?
All I can say is that it's a mix of things. The right time, the right place, the right topic is the obvious but there's always more to it. Especially on YouTube.
It is not easy to grow on any niche on YouTube and especially if you don't set up your base right. I think, and it's only assumptions, that I had built the right base for my channel before this video got viral.
So in the two years  prior, I had time to build my own thumbnail style for example. I had time to set up my channel art to a level that I feel happy with because it looks professional, to me at least, let me know about  that in the comments below!
I also had time to share 80 videos on YouTube which is a pretty big number, which are now available to watch anytime. So that's important too. To have a pool of  videos that your new subscribers can just jump into for when one of them gets viral and have plenty of content to discover. I think that's also very important if they enjoyed your  first video.
Basically I had time to set up and polish my channel. I also had time to set up and polish my description box that you can find under any of my videos. So that's where I share all of  my links and the products that I use or mentioned as well as affiliate links and discount codes, and the link to my own website.
I also had time to set up a pinned comment that encourages people to  subscribe to my channel if they happen to read it. And video after video I improved my way of selling my channel basically and I got more comfortable talking in front of the camera, which is still very fresh for me, it's still very new and I'm still a bit awkward... it's still not an instantaneous thing to do for me but I'm trying my best and I feel more comfortable than ever which is a  big win for me. A lot of my early videos were music only and some of them with voice over.
I also learned not to be scared to ask people to subscribe to my channel or to join my Patreon page or to go to my website and I also designed this little heart right here that you can use to click on and subscribe from right here on any of my videos. That was actually one of the things I set up in my early YouTube discovery so if you don't know what to do when you start your channel maybe just start with that.
Not sticking to one niche.
You hear so many people on YouTube telling you to stick to one niche but I think it's a mistake. As you can see if you go through my channel I have a lot  of different topics and the video that actually went viral was completely out of my comfort zone. If you check I only shared a total of 2 clothing haul including that one and the first one did well but this second one literally changed my life in just a week. So really don't limit yourself I think, especially not at the beginning.
So all of these little things that I just mentioned and so many more (I did very similar things my website and Patreon). All of this created the base of an ecosystem and it was basically waiting for a flow of traffic to take life, and this video did just that.
It brought me over a hundred patrons which is amazing. A hundred more followers on Instagram, and 17000 subscribers on YouTube. I feel like I'm gonna cry because I've been waiting for this for so long so I'm super happy!
I finally got monetised, which was a dream of mine. And all of this was because I kept on polishing this channel and my videos and I didn't miss a week of upload for 1 year and 1 month straight now. 
I currently have 80 videos on my channel and 118 if I count the 38 more, all of the hidden ones available on my Patreon. So you should definitely consider that  if you are feeling demotivated or just impatient.
So I guess the moral of this story is even if everything seems to be still right now just keep sharing, keep improving and keep working hard. No matter what.
Tell people to subscribe, speak it in your videos, use animations, write it as a first pinned comment, add it to your channel art and in your video description, in your channel description too, and share about your channel on every other platform that you're on, like Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook. Just basically: share, share, share, and share again. Just share, share, share. Just share, share, share, and share again.
So basically, you just share. You share, and you share again. And if you're trying hard enough you will get a viral video just like I did.
You will get a viral video that will push your channel and open new possibilities.
So yeah, the key is to not stop, to keep pushing, and to stay happy. I am extremely happy about what happened last week and I'm so  grateful for all of you guys who made this happen. Thank you all so much again, and let me know in  the comments what you would like to see in one of my next videos!
I shared my very first community  post about what we could do as a big thank you video ,so feel free to share your comment there if you prefer. Thank you so much for watching this motivational video and remember these key points:
- The thumbnails
- The SEO 
- To treat your channel as a business and as a business card
- That it takes time and resilience
- To keep learning
I know I still have a lot to learn and I'm gonna leave you now and go back to doing just that so see you!




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