PLUNDERER COSPLAY TUTORIAL: NANA Bassler プランダラ コスプレナナ=バスーラ

A step-by-step PLUNDERER COSPLAY Makeup TUTORIAL of NANA Bassler, one of the rare dark-skin anime characters! In this simple cosplay tutorial, I show you the Cosplay Wig Styling, Body Paint Necklace & 77 tattoo, the best purple circle lenses for this Nana cosplay, how to paint white eyebrows with Suva beauty liner and how to make big anime eye makeup. プランダラ コスプレメイク: ナナ=バスーラ


Hi there! Today I'm gonna show you how I turned into Nana from the anime called Plunderer!
So first, this is how I repurposed an old Halloween wig for this cosplay wig styling. It seriously needed
to be detangled. Here I'm cutting it to the length needed for Nana's hairstyle.
Using gel to set the shorter hair at the front.
Using more gel on the rest of the hair.
Styling a bit and voila!
I'm using the Space Panda hydra liner to paint my white eyebrows. I previously bleached my natural eyebrows,
so they're already a bit lighter than usual. If you have blond hair it will be super easy to paint them white.
Using an old (and clean) eyeliner brush to paint thinner lines. That's not necessary but that's how I did it here.
The reason why I painted my eyebrows first here is that I don't want to break the white by
accidentally mixing it with the foundation. Keep that in mind if you're into white eyebrows (^0^)'
Starting my base with this spongy concealer.
Let's try and make these panda eyes disappear...
Using a brush to blend it in.
And fingers because they're the best.
"Patience is the art of concealing your impatience" - Guy Kawasaki
I'm a shade 290 in the Fenty Beauty pro filt'r foundations. I'm glad Nana is a dark skin
anime character. Even though we're both quite light this means I don't need to try and lighten my tone for this.
Which is your favorite character so far in Plunderer? Let me know in the comments below!
Don't forget your neck!
Also putting some foundation on my lips to give them the Korean gradient lip style and also because
Nana has a natural lip color. I'm topping it up with my mini " Hot Chocolit" gloss bomb.
Next, I'm gonna start with the Cosplay Body Paint part of this video. I'm mixing three of my Suva beauty hydra
liners: "dancy party", "cherry bomb" and "space panda"
I was trying to make a golden yellow shade but I think I could have added more red for sure.
The neon yellow still came through more than I wanted it too...
But overall it still looked nice as an alternative to the gold necklace Nana is wearing.
Also, these liners don't smudge so it's a pretty good option. If you find tight chokers uncomfortable.
Here I'm trying my best to paint Nana's 77 breast tattoo.
Getting rid of the left-over evidence of the wig murder from earlier.
Do you guys have any tattoo or planning to get one? Let me know in the comments.
I used to be a tattoo apprentice. Check out my self-tattooing video if that's something you like. I still plan to
add color to that tattoo so let me know in the comments if you'd like me to share this on YouTube.
It was difficult to draw it well while filming so I corrected it off-camera.
I'm drawing thicker lines and more of an anime shape for the eyeliner.
And the little beauty mark she's got under her left eye.
My favorite purple circle lenses. I think they're perfect for this Nana cosplay.
The color is a mix of pink and purple and they look gorgeous on dark brown eyes.
They're called Nebula at pinky paradise. Check the description box if you want my % code.
What do you think of this simple cosplay of Nana from Plunderer? I think it's pretty close but I could always find
lots of negative points so don't hesitate to send me some love and support down bellow in the comments
and by liking this video and subscribing to my channel! If you want to download my EXCLUSIVE PHOTOSETs &
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Thanks so much for watching!

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