How to realise your dream

How To Realise Your Dreams

So how exactly do you start building your dream? / 1. Know What You Want, Know What It's Made Of, And Make It Your Goal. / 2. Let Go Of...

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Fingerkini graphic yellow bikini

Summer Special

This month any item labeled with "Summer Special" in the catalog will get a special 11% discount at checkout when the following code is used: COCONUT11   This sale ends on the...

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Eye Symbolism Blog

Eye Symbols Around The Globe

With the new Anyixin Elbow Vision Hoodie and the I See You Pop Art Dress design, I thought that getting more deeply into the Eye symbolism subject could be an...

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Aris Van Calster Anyixin Hoodie Giveway

Holiday Giveaway With Aris Van Calster!

As a special Christmas event, the beautifully colorful stylist and model Aris Van Calster accepted to collaborate with me for Anyixin and for you guys! Together we prepared a fun Insta Picture...

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The Madras Story Blog

The Madras Story

As an island girl from Martinique, one of my childhood memories is a bright and colorful picture of Madras dresses and headgear. I remember that one of my favorite little...

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Alt Girls Nail Art Blog

Nail Art Designs For Alt Girls

This week I'm talking nails! With New Year coming you guys might want to complete your first 2018 outfit with some crazy fancy nails, right? Here is a list of my...

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Psychology of Colors Rainbow Mohawk Hair Buns Rainbow Hair

Psychology Of Color

When I say blue what do you think? Water? The sky? Red, Apple? Blood? Orange, An orange? The visual perception we have of any living thing or inanimate object is...

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